The present very sensible advice for those in the UK, is ‘Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS’. Our lockdown has led to many, many changes for everybody and even worse for some, the loss of loved ones and worry for so many.  I am sure you will know friends, relatives and maybe colleagues, who have no work, have been ‘furloughed’, taken a cut in wages etc. and are just sitting it out and waiting for things to improve.

My wife is a reflexologist, working from home and her business stopped overnight nearly a fortnight ago. She now has no income and is not eligible for state support. Hard times and the ‘belt tightening’ has started.

An acquaintance on a social media platform, had a photo of his favourite tipple and was happy to say that he had had a super day from morning to night, imbibing and binge watching ‘box sets’ on Netflix, whilst munching his favourite snacks. Not for me!

We must all remain optimistic and positive in the face of so much adversity, pain and uncertainty. One thing for sure, is things will get better and it is how we play the cards we’ve been dealt with.

I have been inundated with all sorts of MMO (Make Money Online) and even as I type this, ‘you have new mail’ keeps popping up. Also, there are multiple webinars every single day. It is so easy to be overwhelmed and this is what has been an ongoing problem for me over the last three years. I think if I worked through all the offers I have accepted, I would still be here in a few years. I’m not joking! I once did joke that I had so much software in the MMO niche that I could open a Mall. Total and utter madness, I know.

So, for those in the MMO arena and especially those just starting out, please heed my advice and mark my words. It’s a bit like the ex-con talking to young inmates in the pen or jail, or the inveterate gambler who has turned his life round talking to a Gamblers’ Anonymous meeting. How did I put the brakes on myself, what caused me to stop, take stock and evaluate where I was and more importantly, where was I going?

I’m a proud Yorkshireman from the north of England and was intrigued to get an email from a bloke not too far from me in the North East. I did think to myself, ‘what a small world’. It was another offer of working with me and staying with me to create my own product. I was very intrigued but then in the MMO,  I am always interested and want to know more. I am sure you’re the same?

I started to watch a professional video presentation that very quickly had my total, 100% attention! The offer straight from the beginning was just too good? There were instant riches I was going to make? It was a ‘set and forget’ system? There was going to be traffic on tap and I didn’t really have to do anything to make an awful lot of money? No, it was none of those…it was somebody, a man younger than myself, telling me in no uncertain terms, where I was so comprehensively going wrong.

How dare he! I’d been ‘in the game’ for a few years and he was making me feel, very, very uncomfortable. It was very clear what he was saying and boy was he talking to me.  It was like a one on one! Was he touching a raw nerve?  Yes! The understatement of 2020.

I was being told in no uncertain terms that the ‘shiny object syndrome’ had to stop and I had to be laser focussed on my well being, financial independence and ability to provide for my loved ones and myself. I couldn’t argue with that. Sensible and wise advice from someone who had been in my shoes and was now a successful online entrepreneur. Okay, okay what do I need to do I thought, thinking here we go again, digging in my back pocket to find my wallet.

Well, what really attracted me and made me warm to the ‘lecturer’, was that you would be accompanied, coached and mentored until you had produced your own product and that was just the start. I could hear something screaming in my head…’at last, at last, focus and trust’. There was somebody reaching out to me.

So, life is hard and you have to make the breaks, make the good luck and fortune that comes your way; by never giving in and above all focussing on your happiness and success for the future. It’s down to you. If this is what you really want and are prepared to do whatever it takes. Great, you’re in great company and I’m on the journey, so you have me also!

Let me know what you decide to do and if you’re on the way, please let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey.

Here’s to the next time and in the meantime I look forward to your comments.

Oh, nearly forgot…if you want to know who I found (and I am glad I did). He’s John Thornhill and the work from home success and focus is with his Partnership to Success Program.

Check it out  ~> HERE


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