10 Top Tips for Working from Home

Working for home, for a lot of people is very new and for some unnerving and even depressing. Don’t let it be, use the time to personally develop and become a better person.

My wife was talking to an insurance agent a couple of days ago and she ended up counselling him! He was struggling, coming to the terms of his new working situation. He was having great difficulty in getting into any form of routine and balance with his partner and young child.

This got me thinking and I thought it would be helpful if I gave some tips for getting the best out of the present situation.

1. Routine

Get in the groove and stick to your routine. Get up at the same time each day. Get dressed! Suit not required but this simple process gets the brain switched on for work. Breakfast – eat something, as this tells the body to ‘get moving’ and that energy is required. Don’t skip meals and keep well hydrated. Set your mealtimes and stick to them. Go to bed at the same time and no working in bed!

2. Don’t be Distracted

The news is very important for the majority, reporting on the situation we’re all facing. But, ensure that during your working hours refrain from watching the news, checking YouTube, your phone, social media etc. Email is the lifeblood of an internet marketer but set times and stick to them, when you will deal with email; 8am, 12pm and 4pm for example.

3. Set your working hours

To be honest, I find this the most difficult as ‘if it needs doing, do it’ and ‘now’ are two of the defining principles of an entrepreneur! However, we are in unprecedented times and a work/life balance has to be struck. If there are others who live with you, they may also be working from home and you may both need different hours due to childcare for example. So, setting hours is critical so that everyone knows each other’s working commitments and domestic bliss and harmony will prevail. A calendar/planner is very useful and can be blocked out in advance, so everyone is aware who’s working and when.

4. Clearly Define your Workstation Area

This might be very simple, in that you have an office, spare room etc., in your house or even a purpose-built office annexe. However, this may now need to be shared, so make sure your area is clearly defined. This is especially important if you are now working from a dining room table or similar. With your defined and agreed working hours, when you’re at ‘the table’, everybody in the household knows you’re working. I had a friend who put up a library ‘silence please’ sign and another who put up a small red flag on a stick so his family knew not to disturb him. Headphones/ear plugs may come in useful!

5. Goal Setting

Plan the week or day before so that you know where you need to be at the end of the week or day. Write your goals down and at the end of the day or week, have a ‘plan, do, review’ session, to evaluate progress against your goals. If you haven’t got one, now is the time to get yourself an ‘accountability buddy.’ Plan when you will meet online, webchat, telephone call etc., so that you are held to account and your performance against your agreed goals. Offer to be somebody’s accountability buddy yourself. It will help them and you.

6. Good Health

Make sure you keep yourself physically fit by taking regular exercise and spend ’emotional time’ with those in your household. They may be making sacrifices for you to work from home, so let them know each day, how grateful you are. Plan what you are going to do together when better times come and come they will. Set time aside for personal development. Always have a good book to read (and I don’t mean a novel!). Share with others what you are reading and ask what they are reading too. Take an interest in others and support them. Strengthen friendships and make new ones too.

7. Do Something you Couldn’t!

I was listening to a friend tell me he had got around to some DIY that has been waiting for him for to do for the last 13 years. His wife hadn’t forgotten and took great pleasure in reminding him! Seriously, there are many courses, programs, software you’ve bought that now you can unpack and get to grips with it and make it work. Clear the clutter and take stock of what you can ditch, get rid of and then you will be able to be laser focused on your priorities.

8. Celebrate and Share Your Success

When you achieve your goals, always note down your success(es). These help during the hard graft and dark days, to remind you that success will be yours. Celebrate with those living with you and on social media. No, it’s not bragging. It’s showing who you are and setting an example for others. Make yourself available, to help motivate others.

9. Review your Social Media

Have a good ‘audit’ and clear out all those 2759 friends you don’t know and have never known! Get rid of the negative sponge monkeys, who will never share your success or want you to do well. You know who they are! Surround yourself with positive people and join groups that you will be able to add value to and learn from and help you grow your business and make you a better person.

10. Relax and Socialise

Of course, you can’t go down to the bar or pub with your friends and family. The lazy Sunday lunch at your favourite restaurant is on hold. But, organize a virtual meeting on a social sharing platform or other web meeting system. Some friends of mine have set up a weekly Zoom meeting where they have their favourite tipple and instead of the bar they are all sat at home. Safe and enjoying each other’s company as they always do.

Above all, may you and your loved ones stay safe.

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    2 replies to "10 Top Tips for Working from Home"

    • David Thomas


      I like and appreciate all the tips you have outlined in your blog and, when they are written down like this, they all seem so simple to follow, but that is in an ideal world.

      I have trouble persuading my wife that when I am up in my office, I’m not just surfing the web for videos about cats, but working for the greater good. But then she insists on hoovering and that starts the dog off barking as he hates the noise and so my quiet contentment is not so quiet.

      But I strive to make the best of my time in there and shutting the door does not mean I’m searching for dubious sites, just trying to concentrate on my work.

      And when I have asked what she wants us to do for the next day and when, she tells me so I arrange my day around those times as point 3, she then decides, usually as I am half way through a big exercise that NOW is when we need to go or we’ll miss ………I don’t know what!

      Mind you she does like, and encourage, point 8, but even that is virtually impossible now with the lock down status.

      And well done for your personal battles, I admire your Yorkshire grit in getting through them intact.

      To your success


      • richardgbrown


        Many thanks for your thoughtful and personal comments. Peace, harmony and marital bliss are integral to success! Re point 8 – Yes, it’s the private celebrations at the moment but whatever they are and however small, always celebrate and be grateful. To your success, Richard

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