My Story – Let the Truth be told!

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Well, I don’t tell my story to impress, seek sympathy or motivate you, to be that ‘6 Figure a Year Person’. No, I tell it because it shows who I am, who Richard G. Brown really is,’warts an ‘all’ and how I ended up doing what I do and why. Maybe you’ll see things that resonate with yourself and you think to yourself, or even better, say out loud, ‘I can do that’.

Second day in the Police! (Yes, that’s me with the one size too large helmet!)

I was born in a suburb of Leeds, Yorkshire, England, called Headingley. Literally, just a stone’s throw from the world famous cricket and rugby stadium. I went to school in Leeds.  Throughout my schooling I was very fortunate to be able to pursue my love of cricket, rugby and hockey and endured cross country running in the winter when the pitches were frozen. In 1980, I joined the Police and served the community of West Yorkshire for 30 years.

Charity Fundraiser – that’s me 3rd from the right.

I have added the above photo because ‘charity’, serving and helping others has always been part of my life – scout, police officer, entrepreneur.  You must learn and then be a ‘giver’, naturally and from the heart.  Happy to talk about the natural connection to being an entrepreneur.  It’s about ‘who you are’ and not what you are!

Back in 1990, my father died and I was devastated. He was only 58 years old, younger than I am now! He was not just my father but also my best friend. I was very fortunate to be able to use the money left to me in his will, towards buying a house. All then seemed rosy – I was married, had two lovely children, a secure job, a nice house and we were a two car family. I looked forward to promotion in my work and further holidays in the USA and continental Europe.

I had no idea but my wife was having an affair.  It may have been the only one but I didn’t want to know.  In late November 2000, I was at home getting ready for a late shift when my wife unexpectedly came home and calmly told me, “The marriage is over.”

The next year was a living nightmare.  The home I’d provided, the cars I’d bought, the furniture and everything in the house; were all taken away. After I divorced my ex-wife for adultery, my 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter moved 30 miles away with their mom, into a house bought from the settlement.  She even had half my future Police pension, up front!  I was left with absolutely nothing.  She even took the unboxed pots and pans, I’d purchased days before our separation.  I was forced to live at my mom’s house for six months in a spare room.  I had nowhere else to live and had to put the few possessions I had kept in my mom’s garage but I still had my fishing gear!

At this stage of my career and life in general, I thought I would have been looking forwards to the last third of my law enforcement career with gratitude, for what I had achieved and hope in my heart for the future.  Instead, I was working hard towards promotion, looking for a house, arranging a mortgage, buying a car and also paying a large chunk of my wage every month to my ex-wife for maintenance.  And, to cap it all, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They say, ‘if you ever fall off a horse, the best thing to do, is get straight back on’. So, I picked myself up, brushed myself down and got back on the horse.

In 2010, I completed my 30 years pensionable service and retired from the Police.  Jayne, my new partner and soon to be wife, was still working and didn’t appreciate me sneaking off fishing on more than a few occasions, not least to France for a week’s carp fishing (where I got my first 50lber)!

In 2011, I started part-time private investigation into insurance claims on behalf of the insurance industry.  It was a zero hours contract and you worked when ‘they’ demanded.  So, even though it was part-time, you had little time to plan and I was often working evenings and weekends.  I was earning peanuts and when fuel and all the other running costs were taken into consideration, it wasn’t actually even peanuts.

They always say, if you don’t change, nothing will change in your life.  How true!  To supplement my meagre earnings to support my pension (which had been used to pay off the mortgage at my house), I started working again on  a zero hours contract but this time for a document sign up company.  They would ring you and ask if I was available.  If I was, I’d attend an address, usually with the explicit instruction not to pre-call and hope the person would be in.  If not, you’d get a pittance that didn’t cover the cost of your fuel, never mind the time spent.  I was working very hard just to stand still but in reality with the increase in the cost of living, I was going backwards.

By now, it was 2015 and I knew there was a better way, I just did not know what it was!  I honestly, didn’t have a clue.  Whilst out walking with my dog Jeeves, I was asking myself, ‘What would you advise Dad?”  I really did need some inspiration.  My father, had been a person who by hard work at school and as a Chartered Surveyor, had pulled himself up, from a life being brought up in the 1930s, in a ‘slum’ area of Leeds (Camp Road, Leeds 7), to being a successful businessman.  It was very clear to me that I had to change from what I was doing and to ‘set my sail’ in a new direction.  I was open to a new beginning, all and any offers!

In the summer of 2015, I was invited  to attend a MLM success day in Leeds.  Jayne and close friends were aware I was looking for a new direction and that I was not happy with my lot.  En route, I thought if this is going to be a lot of ‘ra-ra’, evangelical, self-congratulatory, back slapping, I would be heading for the door pronto!  I was honestly blown away by the heartfelt stories of hardship and then success.  In between the speakers, those who had achieved the next level up the scale, were rewarded with going on the stage and everyone celebrating their success.  There was no backbiting and jealousy.  I am sure, including myself, there were plenty of people who secretly envied the speakers’ success and merited wealth, from their commitment and hard work.

I had been given a very big nudge into taking personal responsibility for my wife’s happiness and the future wealth and security for the both of us.  It was then that I said a silent very big thank you to my Dad.  I now knew that I had to work hard in my new direction to make it, be free of our mortgage, time share loan (from previous marriage, I inherited that as well) and have the income to enjoy life and be happy.

I started in my new MLM adventure with high hopes, super optimism and a hard work ethic.  What could go wrong?  First, the warm market – family and friends.  Why would I keep from them the opportunity to transform their lives for the better?  Family members were chased away and then close friends.  I had been warned in the training but it was so very true. W3hat you ask?  You morph into a freak, that no-one wants to hang out with and not really about the MLM lifestyle that you promote.  It’s the fact that you’ve become an individual thinker, you are different to them.  And, you are!  A friend told me to look forward to drawing my old age state pension in 10 years time because I would know for definite, that I would be getting an increase in my income and not to waste time and money chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I was driven by success, not limitation but no-one wanted to join me in my business.  I had no luck on social media, product stalls, fairs, handing out business cards and word of mouth recommendation.  There were and are a few customers.  Did I want this daily humiliation for peanuts?  Not me!  I would have got more money packing shelves at the local supermarket.  So, my foray into my first business resulted in me absolutely hating rejection and I suck at convincing people to buy things.  And, if given the choice, I’d much rather have hot prospects flock to me, cash in hand, than trying to convince strangers to part with their hard earney money.

The burning desire to ‘be my own boss’, ‘make my Dad proud of me’, ‘make my wife Jayne happy’, ‘be free from all debt’, drove me on.  I ended up whilst in MLM on a number of email lists and started to follow the trends and felt honoured that I was being offered all these ways to fulfil my dreams and more!

To be blunt, I dipped into my savings and spent all my ready cash on all and everything under the sun. Kindle writing, copywriting, PLR, Webinar creation, Amazon shops, E-Comm sites, Funnels, Site building, SEO etc. etc.  I could open the best internet shop in the world.  All and everything for everybody.  I diligently went through courses and systems that had promised thousands per month and when they didn’t work, quickly found that there was no support and no re-dress.  I knew that there were successful entrepreneurs, so I had to learn from them and steer clear of the snake oil salespeople.

I found out that by working online and following all the ‘advice’, ‘webinars’, ‘training courses’, purchasing a mall full of the latest software for making money online, can lead you to being in debt, feeling miserable and thinking the whole business is a waste of time.  Yes, in 2017 I was at rock bottom, struggling on a small pension from 30 years in law enforcement; a mortgage to pay, a long suffering wife and a sad black labrador. I had the gold medal in making mistakes.  I discussed how I was feeling with my wife Jayne and told her I was not giving up.  She looked aghast at me and said, “It’s best if you simply quit and get a regular job.”  I didn’t!

I brushed myself off (again) and knew I could make it online.  I had the belief, the correct mindset and needed to ‘clear the clutter’ and focus on ‘copying the successful’.  I also needed to repay my wife for all her emotional and financial support and prove, the grind of a low paid regular job was a bad choice. It certainly wasn’t for me.

It was no good just doing the same thing and it’s taken until 2020 for me to make the bold step of ‘what I deep down knew I needed to do’ and that was investing in a coach and mentor – John Thornhill. Thanks John and I am now as positive as ever and looking forward to the future excitedly and happy to share my ups and downs with anybody!

It’s been a long and hard, hard journey.

This is only ‘my story’ to date and life’s experiences that got me to where I am in life now.  If you don’t change then you’ll be in the same place, this time next year. I’ll quote Jim Rohn, and you’ll find in My Blog that I will quote him often.  He remains a massive influence in my change process and my outlook on life.

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives.  Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.”

You must take action and if you do and you really know what you want, you’ll find it and get there.

I promise.

Cheers for now,


p.s. If you asked me to recommend one piece of information that could really help you get started and become a success, this is it.  Join me on the journey with John Thornhill.  He’s helped thousands like me and you could be next?