Thrive or Survive?

Well, not to state the obvious but aren’t we living in uncertain times with the Coronavirus, Covid 19? Many people I speak to through social media are expecting a total lock down here in the UK and it looks as though we’re going to follow the Italian rate of infections. I hope not and that we’re able to flatten the peak and then start to come through. We will come through and life will return to normality. I feel so sorry for those businesses where they have been stopped in their tracks, owners, employees and also customers. People are scared. The front-line services can’t just stop, so I really feel for them, especially my ex-colleagues in the Police. Yes, they continue to be coughed and spat on purposely and will 24/7, be putting their lives at risk, as they always do.

I was out with my dog Jeeves today, keeping my distance but making sure he gets a run and his dad gets his 6000 steps in. I was thinking back to my days in the Scouts, with our motto, ‘Be Prepared’ and how I was taught to be self-reliant, courageous in the face of doubt and danger, boldness, teamwork and above all, service to others, before oneself.

All those skills were a great springboard for helping me be accepted and attested as a Police Constable in 1980.


Thirty years later I retired and was presented with a certificate by the Chief Constable for exemplary public service. After working all hours for very little recompense in collision and fraud investigation and then document sign ups, I knew there was a better life but just didn’t know what it was. My father had been a businessman and I then knew I wanted to work for myself and have my own business.

In 2015, I was ‘asked’ by my wife to accompany her to a success day with her MLM company in Leeds and I just couldn’t refuse! Well, I was blown away by the rewards that people were getting for hard work and perseverance when the going got tough. There were motivational speakers and during a talk on the ‘anybody can do this’ theme, I had that light bulb moment and thought yes, I’m going to have my own business and work until it’s making me the moolah! Great idea but not really a successful business plan! I read books on MLM and joined FB groups and email lists. Well, ‘entrepreneur’ found me, in the shape of one Les Brown. If you don’t know Les, then you need to. Boy, does he light a fire in you and ‘we all have greatness’ in us. Wind the clock forward and I’m now an internet marketer and really appreciate being able to work from home.

It was natural that I became an internet marketer because the secret to success is by giving. Scout – Service to others, Police – Public service, Internet Marketer – Giving to others and touching their lives. As Jim Rohn said, “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

My wish today is to give you the means to work from home and make the best of the crazy times that we’re living in. We must make the best of the ‘hand we’re dealt’ and not just survive these bleak times, but thrive.

Click here to see the hand I was dealt with recently!

Be smart, be positive, stay safe.


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