If anyone says that the e-mail market is dying, they most likely do not understand what they’re talking about!  With about 4 billion Email customers in 2020, it is evident that e-mail marketing is very much alive and growing. Who would certainly ever believe that Email marketing was dying, when almost all email users have at least two accounts?

Email v Social Media

Social Media is an essential facet of any online business.  However important your social media sites are, your email marketing must be your main priority. With practically every social media site requiring an e-mail address is evidence enough, regarding how effective Email advertising and marketing can be. Yes, social media sites are vital for interacting with your target market and creating a connection. I am sure you will intend to turn a target market into loyal subscribers, clients, as well as fans.  Then your focus is obvious, email marketing.

As a business or even an organization, you should always communicate through e-mail, it is more interactive as well as engaging with your target market. Not to mention, that marketing experts will always state there is greater, ‘Return on Investment’ from e-mail marketing; compared with social media.

With every dollar invested in e-mail marketing, the ROI is claimed to be around $44 on an average, whereas social media ROI is difficult to track and establish. Currently I understand that Email advertising has less chance of being viral, but it is extremely appealing and has an interactive aspect with subscribers, which is just good advertising for your business.

Email Marketing – in the Palm of Your Hand!

There is a ‘gadget’ in practically everyone’s arsenal of dealing with life, a tool in everyone’s personal toolbox and it frequently shows up in the palm of your hand!   Yes, ladies as well as gents, your mobile/cell phone/handy phones offer instant accessibility to your Emails. Virtually two-thirds of e-mails are accessed on mobile phones and tablets.  This makes email marketing just so easy. If you think about it, just how often do you examine your email, on your phone?

As an Email online marketer, you are going to need to figure out ways that make your emails more engaging for the reader.  The main way is to make them visually appealing and attractive.  There are so many marketers using animation and videos in their sales letters. They are finding that they are keeping subscribers who look forward to their next email from them.

Email is so Cost Effective

Profit for Sanity, Opens for Vanity.  This is one of the first lessons I learned from my mentor, Anthony McCarthy.  Email marketing allows you to know your figures exactly.  Email marketing is affordable as well as one of the best methods of marketing. As a marketing expert, you will certainly want to optimize your efficiency while keeping a good spending plan.

While other kinds of advertising and marketing can be expensive with less ROI, email advertising comes out as economical with a good ROI. It is known as among the very best digital marketing tactics; especially for small companies, as the budget plan is usually very small.

The Power of Email Automation

Among the vital elements and potentially the foundation of email advertising and marketing is e-mail automation.  Email advertising is in the lead in this form of marketing. It includes triggers as well as workflows that are suggested to message your subscribers instantly.  You can set up follow up series when customers take certain action.  You can tag customers; for example, opens, clicks and buyers.  You can then segment these groups and market to them accordingly.  This is one of the best ways of building a long- term relationship with your subscribers and maximising your profits.

Automation keeps your customers updated and keeps them constantly engaged.  Email automation additionally can transform what you believe is a lost subscriber into a buyer.

For example, if a consumer is looking for a product on your internet site and simply leaves or ignores it, email automation sends an email directly to the individual. Email automation is just excellent advertising and marketing and can turn things round for a business quickly.


Profits by Analysis

Email marketing is a very easy and efficient way of monitoring statistics.  You can see right into your subscriber and customers’ actions and more importantly their buying habits. This makes your method of marketing more accurate as well as gets rid of any uncertainty.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on subscribers who open your e-mails, unsubscribe, and very importantly, what products they seem curious about.

It will always be, ‘Profits for Sanity’, so take a very close look at your Email Marketing!

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