PLR and also MRR and RR, can all be the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! But, maybe not all at the same time. So, what do they stand for and why it’s important for internet marketers to know and understand the differences. PLR – Private Label Rights, MRR – Master Resale Rights, RR – Resale Rights.
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It’s important because you need to know what the differences are and before you spend your hard earned cash, what you’re getting and how you market them.

This blog is really about the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’, which I will do as a follow up.

Let’s start with PLR. This stands for Private Label Rights and allows re-branding and what you should concentrate on in the main.
You may have heard of the term ‘whitelabel’. This is the same and comes from when goods are in the ‘white’ and then re-branded.
Yes, you may put your name on the product as the author but not the copywrite, as obviously the product is available to others. Each PLR product has a licence and you need to ensure you read it, so you understand legally what you can and can not do with the product.

MRR stands for Master Resale Rights and they are very popular way of marketing products. They differ from PLR in that you are not allowed to edit the product or claim authorship. You can sell the product and the recipient can also sell the product on as well.
They are very popular online and again the licence needs to be read and understood.

RR stands for Resale Rights and allows the product to be sold to your customer as is but they cannot re-sell it.

There are also Giveaway Rights and Personal Use Rights. Giveaway Rights are often included with MRR and as the name suggests, you may give the product away for free if you so wish. You will not be able to resell it or change it and again, the licence will need to be looked at. Personal Use Rights, is just that but you can’t sell the product. It may for example, be an email sequence.

Now we know what they are, we really need to know what to do with our PLR etc. to maximise our return on investment! Our hands are very much tied with everything but PLR, so I’ll concentrate on PLR, not least because this is the area where you’ll probably make the best returns.

‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. Yes, siree! Yes, there’s lots of all three about, so we need to know where the Good Stuff is and to keep well away from the Bad and the Ugly. Just so you know what I mean about the latter, I’ll quote from some PLR of my own, in the ‘Work from Home’ genre,

” Working in your pajamas could make you experience amusement. You could promote you home based business in between dusting the furniture.”

Or what about this example,

” Having a career at your house shall give you the characteristic of being confident. You could operate your work
at home business in between mowing the yard.”


You’re probably thinking, okay, let’s see some of the ‘Good Stuff’. Before then, it is best to start and understand what you can do with ‘The Good Stuff’ PLR and how you need to re-format the product.

First and foremost, you should never just offer for sale the product in the format that you received it. Why? The product you have, is exactly the same that hundreds if not thousands, also have. Now imagine if you put that on your website and/or offered it for sale. Google bots would soon see it quite correctly, as duplicated content. At best you would not be ranked for the content and more than likely punished by keeping you off their pages!

So, what you do about it? You rebrand it and make it unique to you. Change the title of the product and certainly put your name on it. It will probably need updating. The graphics need to be changed and apart from editing the content, why don’t you add something?

Re-naming is essential and needs careful thought. Have a look at what people are buying in that niche on Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. Get the drift? Can you incorporate keyword buyer terms into the title? Is the new title and branding easy to remember, does it pass the radio test? Radio test, what’s that? If you heard your title on the radio would it be the same when you do a Google search? Internet Marketing 4 U, Internet-Marketing-For-You, Internet Marketing 4 You. Therefore, always make it easy to pronounce and spell, with no hyphens or soundlikes.

What you decide upon could be available as a domain name and that would be excellent for selling your re-branded product. Even more so if you have an ‘evergreen’ product.

Lots of PLR has graphics which include a mock up of a book, DVD, box set etc. and you can now decide on your own ‘box shot’. You may be a graphic artist but if not, then my suggestion would be to hire a professional. You can then have professional unique graphics for your product. You can hire a professional for little dollars from,, etc. Do not use an off the shelf ‘box shot’, as again you’ll fall into the duplicate content trap again.

Do you have any PLR Ebooks already or maybe you’re thinking that would be an excellent business niche for you? That’s great but you’re going to have to re-write for the same reasons as above! This sounds laborious and does take time but your initial efforts will pay dividends in the future. I’ll go into details of the ‘how’ in a later blog. The book will then be in your own ‘style’ and incorporate your own branding and you may wish to add an introduction and post script, including other offers, links etc. You must always remember that many ebooks are written in English by somebody whose first language is not English!

I’ll include another example from ‘Working from Home’

” Having a career at your house shall give you the characteristic of being confident. You could operate your work at home business in between mowing the yard”. Really?

Now that we’re back in the real world, I’ll continue. It’s amazing what you can do in the rebranding process of your PLR. These are just a few examples:

Include affiliate links and make commissions
Create webinars from the content
Use the PLR to populate your new domain
List building by offering bonuses and membership subscription
Offline study course/seminar
Coaching Program
Split the content and drip feed to your subscribers
Add the content to your paid membership site
Use as bonuses to a main offer
Re-purpose the content of an ebook into an audio/video file
Create ‘power point’ presentations
Add as an OTO/upsell in your sales funnel
Use as training materials for inhouse/outsourced staff
Sell on other websites
Re-purpose into Kindle Books and sell on Amazon
Re-purpose into a Podcast/Video
Make ‘bundles’ of similar products from your PLR

I am sure you can think of some more ways, the more creative the better!

Whatever niche your in, there will be PLR available and if you follow the above, then buyers as well.

So, I have saved ‘The Good’ for the end and if you follow my advice, you will soon determine and appreciate the better and best PLR out there. You will then be able to source quickly and easily what you consider as ‘The Good’. One of the best in the market place and to save you lots of time looking, is Steven Alvey at To be honest, I am biased as he’s saved me so much time and he is there for you. Have a look at his latest offering here and you’ll see what I mean!

I first came across Steven as he is a graduate of the John Thornhill coaching and mentoring program, that I am now a member of also. To see Steven’s phenomenal ongoing success is fantastic motivation for me and of course it can be for you too. Click the link on the right.

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