The Explicit Need

Selling a product online is a great way to work from home and break into the world of making money online, without all the expenses involved in setting up a bricks-and-mortar business.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that selling a product online involves more than just promoting or placing a product description on a web page and waiting for the money to roll in!  Selling online involves time and effort, and many internet marketers do make costly mistakes.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Many people, including myself sell products online by using email marketing to generate sales.  The following are the most common and often most costly mistakes you can make when email marketing:



  • Yes, SPAM is probably the costliest mistake you can make, when marketing a product online.  Not only does it ensure the loss of a sale, but also it can potentially cost your business when the recipients file complaints against you.  Therefore, do not send emails to people who have not signed up to your email list.



Over Sending

  •  If you practice the art of send, send and send; the recipients of your email will end up blocking all messages from you.  They could even end up filing SPAM complaints.  Space out your emails and send only the important ones.  This is a fine art and will be covered in future articles.


Bad Lists

  • It is common for some online marketers to purchase email lists.  These lists contain the names and email addresses of people who may be interested in purchasing their products. Unfortunately, not every vendor sells quality lists.  A bad list is a waste of time because the email addresses are usually on lots of other lists, which means your ad will not be seen.  Worse this will probably get you banned by your autoresponder company.  Be warned.  Do no purchase email lists!


Other Common Mistakes

In addition to the mistakes made when using email marketing, there are other common mistakes made by internet marketers.

Poor Customer Service

  • Poor customer service includes not being available for customer comments, complaints and suggestions, as well as trying to blame product problems or order issues on the customer.  This is a quick way to lose sales and prevent any repeat sales you may have had.  Never use a ‘no reply’ email address.



  • Overcharging or price spiking for the product; or for shipping, is seen as greedy by customers.  They can buy elsewhere, without the extra expense of shipping, and customers will shop around for better prices.  Even if your competitor only has cheaper shipping, that is enough for them to be a better bet than you.  So, do not be greedy!


Amateur Site

  • If your site looks like a twelve-year-old made it, customers will not be willing to spend money.  Errors in spelling and grammar, as well as problems with the overall look and feel of the site, will send customers away.


Slow Site

  • If your site takes too long to load, customers will go elsewhere.  Even when selling through online auctions, pictures and graphics need to load quickly.


Mobile ‘Unfriendly

  • Always, make sure your email can be read on a mobile device.



By avoiding these 8 common mistakes, you will not be behind the 8 ball!  You will maximise your chances of making sales and increase your profits.  While these mistakes are easily made, they are also easily corrected and prevented.  Any of these mistakes, either singular or combined, may seem minor to many.  But from now on, not you!


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