Many people when emailing ‘their list’, think it’s a simple process. Subject line, writing the email, proof-reading, editing, and then hitting the send key. They then say to themselves, ‘Right that’s done, I can now get on with the rest of my day.’

But herein, lies the problem and may probably be your problem?
If you write spontaneously and just send, you’re asking for trouble in your email marketing, period.
Why? Because your email may not even get opened if:

~ The Subject Line Does Not Grab Attention
~ The Email is Not Targeted
~ Your Links Do Not Work

So, what is the answer? Use my 10-point check sheet each and every time in the future!

1. Define Your Primary Goal

The secret here is to pick just ONE to focus on.
It could be – making a sale, clicking a link, filling in a form, requesting a free offer, watching a video, go to your social media platform(s), contacting you/your support desk etc. You may have something different, that’s fine but focus on it.

2. Decide on Your Secondary Goal

Now you might have a secondary goal as well, which you’ll want to keep in mind as you create your email. For example, your main goal might be to get your readers to visit your social media platform and your secondary goal for them to share an item on it, with their ‘friends’. So, what kind of content will best help you achieve your goals, e.g.

~ A Training Article.
~ A Product Review.
~ A How to Article.
~ A ‘Secrets To’ Article.
~ A ‘ToDo’ List Article.
~ A Video.
~ An Audio.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I am sure you will have plenty of your own ideas.

3. Single Email or a Series of Emails?

I soon learned that a series always works better than a single email if you’re trying to encourage your readers to make a purchase. If you want them to ‘vote’ what’s best, share something etc. then a single email will probably do.

4. How Does Your Email Help Them?

What do those you are emailing want? Their wants are their goals and it is essential that you keep laser focussed on them!

5. Every Email Benefits the Reader

How does it help them? It’s not just about putting money in your pocket. It’s about giving them what they want, period.
Encourage their dreams, justify their failure, confirm their suspicions and show them the road to success.

6. Is Your Subject Line Compelling?

To make it so, you need to take a plain piece of paper and write down at least 12-15 subject lines. You then need to check:

Does it include a benefit or arouse curiosity?
Is it targeted to your audience?
Does it engage readers from the start?

7. Craft Your Content

Content is something that is not really written, it’s crafted. It’s your creation and should contain your DNA. This starts with your subject line and finishes with your name or even a postscript. It must be you in there and gets your reader wanting to relate to you and what you offer them.
Consider the following:

~ Tell a Story.
~ Share Something That May Shock.
~ Share Some Statistic(s).
~ Relate to Their Problem(s).
~ Provide a Solution to Their Problem(s).
~ Ask the Reader an Engaging Question.

It’s very important to engage with readers emotionally. It makes it easier for you to get the reader to take action later. Story telling is a very powerful way to evoke emotion and must never be underestimated. Remember, everybody likes a good story! You want your readers to feel something and connect with you, as they read. At the back of everybody’s mind when they read your email is, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Be sure to answer this fundamental question! So, share how they will benefit from your product/service. Does the email contain a firm Call to Action (CTA)? Tell your readers, what to do next!

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Polish, polish, polish!  No Waffle! Cut any unnecessary words from your email. Always think conciseness, because if it’s concise it will be focussed. Read it out loud. Does it sound right? Does it contain anything that is not crystal clear, if so, re-write it. Would it help, for you include, hints, explanatory videos, illustrations etc.? If possible, get somebody to read your email, they will probably see errors that you miss.


8. Segment and Track Your Emails

You must make sure that your emails are meeting your goals. Check that your email service provider (ESP) includes analytics. Most do. It is critical to your email marketing, as you need to know how many have been opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed etc. Who are your buyers?

Segmenting is drilling down into your list and something that you must look to do as you progress in your email marketing. The best way to segment your list is by firstly behaviour, e.g. clicked/not clicked and secondly by interest, e.g. Information Products, Digital Products, PLR, etc. Segment your list for each product and lead magnet and then you will be able to send targeted emails to the relevant segment. Check your emails that they fulfil this objective by appealing to the ‘segment’. Do they acknowledge the reader’s problems and provide the solution? Do they connect with the reader, so they fully understand you?

Many ESPs provide link tracking and if not, there are many providers of the software. Ensure you use a unique link for each campaign. You can now analyse and compare your data. Once you are getting responses you need to compare the data with your goals and if you’re falling short, then you need to slightly adjust your emails to improve results.

9. Check Your Spam and Test Your Links

All the major ESPs have a spam checker and will score your email. High scores will inevitably lead to your email ending up in the spam/junk folder, so, tweak it, so that it doesn’t. Send yourself a test email, every time. This is how it looks to your reader. Check the links.
Are the paragraphs aligned and how does it look on different devices such as a mobile phone and tablet?

10. Learn from the Legends

There are many excellent email marketers out there and do learn from them. Keep a ‘swipe file’ on your desktop. I follow Matt Bacak and you can have a copy of his hugely successful Profit Producing 5001 Emails. Every email, ‘fits the bill’. Just apply the right one to meet your goals, personalise it and you’re good to go. There are more than enough to last you a lifetime! Click ~ Here.

Richard G. Brown

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