Everybody needs to begin somewhere with their online business and one of the most effective ways to do so, is by starting as an affiliate marketer. But to be successful you really do need to avoid costly mistakes. I have therefore looked back at my online career and hope that with my experience and avoiding the same pitfalls that befell me in my early career, you will be well on your way to joining the millionaires club.

You may be considering producing your own product and that’s commendable and certainly a ‘MUST’, in the medium to long term but…not at this stage in your online career. Product creation is very time consuming as well as a costly process and then you have to market it to the masses! So, why not begin by discovering an item that is well put-together by somebody that has a high level of integrity and has an excellent reputation online? You can and will save a lot of time, cash, aggravation, heartache, and emotional drain down.

Affiliate marketing is quite simply, offering another person’s product or service for a commission on every sale. You will maximise your income and really enjoy life if you follow my path and avoid, The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Made in Affiliate Marketing.

Mistake # 1: Choosing a Poor Product to Market

Not all products are created equal! And that can and should work in your favour, as you’re not going to choose a dubious product to market – obviously! But you’re going to have to do your own ‘due diligence’ on the products you wish to offer for sale. Firstly, have a look at https://muncheye.com/ as this will give you a great overview of current and forthcoming launches on the JVZoo and Warrior Plus platforms. I fully appreciate there are lots of other affiliate platforms but remember Mistake # 1 – Don’t choose a poor product to market.
Many people have spoken to me that it is very hard to get approved for products on the above platforms. Firstly, the vendors have a reputation that they don’t want affiliates to harm. Yes, they can all tell you stories of affiliates who get approved and then use a stolen credit card to purchase the product, purchasing under another name and then request their money back, sending ‘bot clicks’ and more. Many times, a simple referral from an established marketer gets the ball rolling for you. Reach out and be honest and be explicit that you’re happy with deferred payments for sales and that you will send their offer to a bridge page. A bridge page means that only those really interested will click on the sales page. It’s great for getting rid of ‘tyre kickers’.

You may wish to select a product from Clickbank. Why? Because you don’t need prior approval, but you must pick your products very carefully. Don’t just choose a product or service with the highest possible compensation, seek out those that have the greatest appeal, as well as gravity ratings. If a lot of people are acquiring them frequently and consistently, then this will be far better than other products in that niche.

Along with picking good products within niches, you may wish to consider ‘seasonality’. Concentrate on items that a great deal of people want at that time. A good example is paddling pools for the school summer holidays. You won’t do very well marketing those in the dead of winter!

Mistake # 2: Picking a Poor Converting Product

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to benefit from the hard work others have done, as well as their investment in time and money in copywriters, product development and software. If you pick a product that underutilizes these advantages, you are most likely to benefit much less. If it’s done on the cheap, you will suffer.
Take for example, conversion rates. Not all item creators work with a superior copywriter. As a matter of fact, many of them just create their very own duplicate copy. Many also do not have the backup and processes in place to record and monitor all the sales activity and email clicks, opens and above all sales. The result is that the sales page lacks professionalism, the copy is littered with errors and the conversions are terrible.
Before you start marketing a particular product or service, read the sales page carefully and compare it with others. Do you feel induced, encouraged, inclined, convinced etc. to buy? Did the graphics and or layout focus your thoughts or were you put off or even worse confused, with the message the sales copy wanted to give? Did the copy fail to reel you in for the catch? These can all amount to deadly and therefore costly mistakes, for both the vendor and you. You cannot assist the vendor now, but you can avoid his or her product and choose a far better one. Remember your ‘due diligence’ and if it doesn’t seem right, it won’t be.

Mistake # 3: Selling Snake Oil for a Snake Oil Salesman

This mistake is especially essential to steer very clear of if you have an email list. All it takes, is one incorrect product promotion with all the hype and you will probably end up with mass unsubscribes and spam complaints. You’ve been warned, so please do not make this mistake.
Even though you might be lured to advertise the next “Internet Secret”, ensure you don’t just buy right into anything. Several marketers have lamented their choices in the past, promoting a product that promised thousands of dollars by the end of the month, with no product, no list, nothing at all needed and no work required, as somebody else will do it all for you! Don’t be among the people promoting such products. The more they are shunned, the more the marketers who act with integrity and ethics will come to the fore. Therefore, make sure you carefully inspect anything prior to you promoting it to your list.
Additionally, avoid jumping on the affiliate product bandwagon for significant promotions. Rather, wait up until the buzz dies down somewhat; and afterwards release an extensive evaluation (product review videos are excellent). This will increase your sales over time, and you will be seen as someone who gives an honest appraisal. I’m sure you’ll have got the message now that you must always steer clear of promoting items that make outrageous and downright false claims, e.g., ‘Get this and you will make $500 by the end of the month’. As Carl Sagan stated, “Extraordinary cases require remarkable proof.” In many cases, the proof will be very dubious at best, but they will make the most outrageous claims. Do stay clear of promoting them because what is even worse, over time you will become associated with such products.

Mistake # 4: Selecting Products that Offer Little Commission

You will be marketing to your email list, and they can only consider so many items, so choose your products that will give you the best return. This may seem obvious but if you market something that just produces a 25% payment for you, then you’re leaving a lot of dollars on the table. You may possibly find a comparable item that provides a 50% or 75% commission. An insider top tip – don’t sweat the ‘money’s worth’ of the product, especially when starting. Why? Because you can still make a killing marketing reasonably low-cost reports. The rising popularity of the $7 product is testimony to this. So, stay clear of the cheapo sellers, but do not stress as much about the cost.



Mistake # 5: Failure to Build Your List

Constantly, always, constantly capture leads. Yes, it’s all in the list! Instead of trying to build your list with pay per click, (ppc) search engine optimization, (too slow) as well as various other methods and then sending that website traffic to your associate link, you ought to set your stall out to transform them from visitors to joining your list first. A very good way is by using ‘Lead Magnets’ and this is the principle of a great free offer in return for their email address and even better for them agreeing to receive emails from you. Another excellent way is by running quizzes, contests and use of surveys. For more chances of winning, refer a friend and share on Facebook. I’m sure you get the idea. Develop a relationship with your list and always remember that you are there to serve them, not the other way round. Find out what’s troubling them, where their problems and obstacles are do something about providing solutions for them. Your list will grow, and you will have ready buyers if you work on this principle.







Mistake # 6: Disregarding the Importance of Timeliness

Timing is essential in all walks of life, especially in sport and business. To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you must do more than simply put an affiliate link in an e-mail and send it to your list. Be positive and anticipate they are going to buy, so your email needs to be relevant, as stated in the previous section, not advertising. If you can genuinely compose your email as if it were an information statement, you are far more likely to attract people who want to click on your offer. I am sure you receive emails that build up to the launch of an offer. This is raising your awareness of the future offer and builds on the anticipation and want for the product on offer. Try to find launches that certify as an “event.” Locate something so large that individuals adhere to the event and talk about it. A good example is Legends of the Digital Word – https://legendsgiveaway.com/j?id=239 is my link for you to sign up. Any problems, please get back to me. But this is timely for you, and you can start to rub shoulders with expert affiliate marketers. Timely, as if they have offers and you, like others, are promoting ‘a big event offer’, then you will get ‘spill over’ traffic. This is amazing and really works, especially if you have given it the big build up and got your timing right. Always pay attention to the calendar and here’s a reminder keep muncheye.com on your toolbar.

Mistake # 7: Disregarding The Critical Numbers

Lots of affiliate marketers don’t pay attention to the numbers. A bold statement but very true. Don’t forget that you need to factor in all your outgoings, broadband, hosting, autoresponder, affiliate marketing platform fees and payment processor fees. In addition, several will certainly disregard conversion prices, currency exchange fees, pay per click quotes and the amount of time they put into projects. In otherwords don’t at this stage start fantasizing about the treasures you will generate. Yes, there’s lots of hard work ahead! If you’re paying way too much for website traffic; if your conversion rates are low, if you spend lots and lots of time on jobs that don’t have great conversions, your numbers will not add up. So, don’t end up in the red.



Final thoughts and Conclusion:

So how can you stay clear of these traps? How do you make better choices and therefore become successful with affiliate marketing?

# 1: Select products that are good. As I have pointed out previously, a low demand product will only at best, make a few sales, no matter how hard you try to promote it and the resources you commit to it.

# 2: Concentrate in the niches where there is always high demand, e.g., weight loss, make money online, relationships etc. Try to find a product that is doing well or expected to do well. Learn and discover something that converts well. Find the popular, high-gravity items on Clickbank. Scan the sales pages of offers and find the ones that have amazing, compelling copy, great benefits for your customers and reasonable prices.

# 3: When you begin producing website traffic for your affiliate marketing campaigns, keep in mind that it is crucial you drive the traffic to your bridge page, rather than straight to your affiliate link. If you send the individual straight to the affiliate link, you’ll most likely never communicate with that person again, whether or not it results in a sale!

# 4: Build your list. Collecting leads and customers is critical. If you fail to do so, as lots of affiliate marketers unfortunately do, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

# 5: Keep an eye on your numbers. Recognizing, understanding, and tweaking your numbers, could be the distinction between profit and debt. Never ignore them.

Yes, there are risks involved but as an entrepreneur you’re going to have to take them!

Steer clear of the 7 Deadly Mistakes and you’ll sail right into profit…

Now, if you really want the get go with affiliate marketing,

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To Your Success!

Richard G. Brown




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    • Martin Platt

      Hi Richard,

      Very valid points. I find the one that I made at the beginning was getting drawn into the hype, so a hyped up sales page turned all my promotions into hype also.

      Generally I tend to steer clear of hyped products or if I find something that has a slightly hyped up headline, I try to find a spin on it that dials it back a little, and concentrates more on helping readers and telling truth. Truth definitely converts.

      Great article, really enjoyed reading it,


      Martin Platt.

      • richardgbrown

        Hi Martin,
        Many thanks. Yes, it does seem the ‘hypies’ get all the attention – especially to newbies and in my case, it was once bitten twice shy.
        Will be publishing my next blog very soon on 7 Ways to Make affiliate Marketing Work for You. I owuld be interested in your comments.
        Kind regards,

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